In order to use Prekindle to sell tickets for your event, there are a few agreements that you must acknowledge before your tickets can go on sale.

The first time you log into your account, you will be prompted to read and acknowledge that you understand the agreements on your dashboard.

  1. First, click the Sales Tax banner to open the Sales Tax options for your account. You can choose one of two tax optins for your account:
    • Prekindle will collect and remit Texas state sales tax on my behalf - Since your business is based in Texas, Prekindle will collect and remit applicable local and state sales tax on your behalf. We will add 8.25% sales tax to all purchases.
    • I am exempt from sales tax - Most 501.3c and other charitable organizations are exempt from state sales tax. If you choose this option, you must provide documentation before ticket sales can begin. Please contact to begin the process of removing sales tax from your purchases.
  2. Next, click the Agreements banner to open the Prekindle agreements. These agreements pertain to Prekindle's terms of service, the liability of sales tax, billing authorization, and handling refunds and chargebacks. All agreements must be read and acknowledged before your tickets can go on sale.

If you have any questions about any of these agreements, please contact