We have integrated our ticketing platform with Gift Up, a leading gift-card provider.  With a gift-up account, your customers can buy gift-cards directly from your website, or Prekindle events page.  The gift-card funds will be paid to you immediately by Gift Up.  Your events will allow customers to enter their gift-card number during checkout to apply the gift-card amount as a discount during checkout.

Note - Your customers can begin purchasing gift-cards immediately, but gift-card support is still under development so some features are not currently available.


You will need a Gift Up account, which is free to create.

Gift Up will pay you through one of the following payment providers.   You will need an account with one of these providers to begin selling gift-cards on Gift Up.






More to come soon...

Gift Up’s pricing is described here, and can be charged to your customers.



  1. Create an account on Gift Up here: https://www.giftupapp.com/

  2. Complete the required launch steps.  


  1. Add your custom artwork to your gift-cards. (not required)

  2. Choose if your customers can purchase custom amount gift cards, or predefined amountshttps://giftup.app/items


After setup, you must connect your gift-up account to Prekindle.  To do this, follow the instructions here: https://giftup.app/integrations/api-keys/

  1. Click the button “create a new API key”

  2. Enter a name, like Prekindle Api Key

  3. Click Create Api Key

  4. Next, copy the Api Key text using your Copy/Paste controls.

  1. Finally, paste the Api Key into your Prekindle Preferences page, under Integrations | Gift Up.

  1. You’re done!

Add gift-card widget to your website

You can find installation instructions here: https://giftup.app/installation

To embed your gift-card widget into your website, your web developer will need access to the widget code provided.  You can access it by:

  1. Navigate directly to the widget code here: https://giftup.app/installation/other

  2. Click Copy to Clipboard

  3. Paste this code into your website

You can skip these steps and give your developer direct access by adding them as a user to your Gift Up account.  Follow the instructions here and choose Dashboard Admin as the account access level.



If you need help with your Gift Up account, you can access support directly on the Gift Up dashboard.

If you need help connecting to your Prekindle account, reach out to your client rep at