1. Click the the FESTIVALS tab near the top of the page, under the organizer name. Then click the CREATE button next to My Festivals.
  2. The location information for the festival will default to the organizer account name and address provided in the Preferences tab. Once the festival is built, you will have the option to add the correct venues for the festival. Each screening will show the venue assigned during set up.
  3.  Enter the days and hours the festival will run. If the festival will run more than 12 hours a day, please contact clients@prekindle.com for extended hours to be set.
  4.  Enter a festival name, an abbreviated festival name, and festival guide name.  The shortened festival name will be used in cases where space is tight. Example: "Springfield Global Film Extravaganza 2015" might be abbreviated to "SGFE 2015"

Next, you will need to Create Pricing Template for your festival.