Here you can add each individual venue for your festival. Tickets will reflect the correct venue for each specific screening. It is important that all venue address and capacity information is correct before screening tickets are available for purchase.

  1. Click the film festival to open the festival tools. To add venues, click the VENUES tab. Enter the venue name and click SAVE.
  2. Click the venue to open venue details, then click the ABOUT tab. Enter the full address and accurate capacity for each venue and click SAVE. It's best to enter each house/auditorium in a theater individually if you will have multiple films screening in multiple houses at one theater. For example, films being shown at the Angelika would be entered "Angelika 1" where 1 indicates the correct house/auditorium number within the Angelika. It is important the correct venue capacity is included for each venue as this will effect the amount of tickets that can be sold for films scheduled at the venue.

Venues can be removed by clicking the DELETE button next to each venue.

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