Here you will schedule screenings for each feature added to your festival. 


1) Click the festival to open the tools. Click the SCHEDULE tab and then click ADD to add a feature or block of features to the schedule.


2) Choose the feature to add to the schedule from the drop down menu. All confirmed features will appear in the drop down menu. To add more than one feature to a block, click ADD. To remove a feature, click REMOVE.

3) If the screening block has a different title than the feature, update the title and click SAVE

An example would be, a screening block titled "Shorts Block" that contains several short films of different titles.


4) Once a feature is added to the schedule, click the feature to open the tools and set screening information. Click the DETAILS tab and confirm the feature title and run time. Click SAVE.


5) Click the FEATURES tab to review features scheduled in that block. Features can also be added or removed here by clicking ADD or REMOVE

If removing or adding a film from here, please be sure to return to the DETAILS tab to update the scheduled run time.


6) Next, you will add individual screenings for each feature to the schedule. Click the SCREENINGS tab and click ADD to add a screening.


7) Choose the pricing template and venue for the screening from the drop down menu. Enter the date and time for the screening and click SAVE.


8) Once the screening has been added, click the screening to open the tools. Here you can review scheduling details and set holds for the screening. 

To set holds, select the number of tickets from the drop down menu to hold and click HOLD

to release holds, select the number of tickets from the drop down menu to release and click RELEASE.

It is recommended that 50% of the house capacity is held for filmmakers, badge holders, sponsors, and other comp tickets.