Setting up your virtual event is as simple as building a live event. 

When setting the Location of your event in the Event Wizard you will find an option for a Virtual Event, as well as a checkbox activate the Prekindle Live Streaming Service. 

Note: If you miss this in the Wizard, you can also change the location of your event to virtual from the Event Dashboard. 

Live Stream Controls

If you have checked “Activate Prekindle live-streaming” under Location, you will find the status bar and a new option tab called “Live-Streaming."

The Status Bar indicates what stage of the streaming process you are in. The first dot "Created" confirms that a stream channel is reserved for your event on Prekindle's video platform. 

The second dot "Initialization" indicates when the stream will be initialized, which is when your unique URL and Stream Key will become available. 

The third dot "Startup" comes on when the stream channel is active and you will be able to preview your steam. This happens 30 minutes before the start time of your event.  At this time, you should use the "View your Stream" link on the left to preview and make sure your visual and audio components are working.  

Use the "Go Live" control when you are ready to begin your public event. This "raises the curtain" and turns on the video viewer boxes for your attendees, revealing your stream publicly.  Keep in mind viewers of the public stream will always be 30-60 seconds behind. You must manually click Go Live, this will not happen automatically.

Click "End stream" when your event is over. Each stream has a 3 hour window of operation by default. if you expect to need more time, please contact  Once you end the stream using the control on the Status Bar you cannot Go Live again

The Live Streaming tab on the left is where you will find your URL and Stream Key. You will need both of these to connect your video source to Prekindle. 

Note: Your URL and Stream Key will not be available until the Initialization Process (Step 2 of the Status Bar) has begun.

See the companion article "Setting up you Video Source" to learn how to get your video production environment ready to stream to Prekindle.