When you log into your Prekindle dashboard you can edit the appearance of your events by going to the Preferences tab, and opening the Logo and Branding page. 

To access your branding preferences, you must be logged into your Prekindle dashboard.

  1. Click the Preferences tab on the left side navigation panel. 
  2. Click the Branding section. Here you can add images for your logo and for the background of your promo pages, edit your custom ticketing site, and add a calendar to list all of your upcoming events in one place.

Changing your Logo & Background

To access your account preferences, you must be logged into your Prekindle dashboard. 

  1. Under the Branding banner, click the Logo & Backgrounds link. 
  2. Here you can add images for your logo, the background of your promo pages, your calendar banner, and your event page header banner. Click the Choose File button to search files on your computer, then click Upload
  3. Once uploaded, your event page header background will be displayed at the top of the promo page, with the event title and purchase button appearing over the top. Your uploaded logo will appear below the event details. 

Your logo image should be exactly 265 pixels wide and not too tall. Your logo will show up on your promo pages as well as on customer receipts.

Your background image may vary in size depending on the desired aesthetic for your promo page. You may choose to upload an image that matches or coordinates your main website. Optimal background images will be 1000 x 1000 pixels or larger and be continuous, textural images. When deciding on a background image, please remember that the top and middle of the image will be obstructed by your promo page.

Your event page header background iimage should be at least 1000x370 pixels in dimension. For best results, choose a text-free image. The event title and buttons will show on top of this background image.