Sometimes you have sales that are made offline.  Artist fan-club sales are a good example of this.  If you want these sales to reflect on your reports & show up at will-call, you need to import them.

Ideally, you would sell these tickets through the box-office tools using a credit card.  If the sales have already been made, you simply mimic this by purchasing them out of band as a cash or check purchase.

Here are the high-level steps:

  1. Gather your sales information (spreadsheet or PDF sent by the fanclub)
  2. Add walkup pricing to your event to match the options sold by the fanclub
  3. Use the box office tools to sell the number of tickets specified
  4. (Optional) Update the names on the tickets to match the fanclub sales.

Step 1 - Gather your sales information

Usually you will receive a spreadsheet, email, or PDF from the fanclub company that details the number of tickets sold, the types of tickets sold, and the customer information associated with each ticket.  Look closely to see how many tickets sold, and if there are multiple types of tickest (eg: General Admission, Balcony, etc...)

Step 2 - Add walkup pricing

To enter sales you will use the box-office tools.  The box-office tools require walkup prices to be entered in order to make your own transaction.  Enter the box office prices to match your needs for reporting & tracking.  If you want your walkup pricing to mirror your online pricing, just navigate to the Sell Tickets tab on the box office tools, and click the button to create walkup prices (see image below)

Step 3 - Sell the tickets

On the "Sell Tickets" tab of the box-office tools, add the required number of tickets paying careful attention to the ticket types if multiple ticket types were sold by the fanclub.  Complete the purchases using cash or check as the payment method depending on your case.  If you are doing a credit card transaction, choose manual mode for keying in credit card information.

Step 4 - Update the names (optional)

If you want the fanclub sales to reflect on your will-call list using the real customer names, lookup the purchase you just made and update the names by hand.  When you complete the transaction, you can copy & paste the confirmation code shows to lookup the purchase.  (see image below)