Make sure you are viewing your account dashboard by clicking the Dashboard tab on the left side navigation panel.

  1. Click on the event to open the tools, then click the ABOUT tab to open the event details.
  2. Click the Automation link. 

  1. Select this box if you would like to have your sales turned on as soon as your event is published.
  2. Selecting this option will allow you to schedule an on-sale time.  When you schedule a time for your sales to go live, that on-sale date and time will be visible on your promo page until the sales are available to the public.
  3. If you choose to leave sales on throughout your event, they will be available online until a few hours after your event has begun.
  4. This option will allow you to turn off sales before the door times listed for your event.  This is helpful if you will be using a printed will call list for your event, and you need to ensure that no names purchases will be made after you print the list.
  5. Here, you can schedule an exact date and time to turn off ticket sales.
  6. When done making changes, click the SAVE button. 

Automation can also be set for each ticket type created for your event. Visit the Setting automation by ticket type page for more information.

If you have any trouble editing the automation for your event, contact