Once you have completed the steps to create your Prekindle account, you can create an event within your dashboard and start selling tickets. 

Begin by clicking the CREATE EVENT button at the top of your dashboard.

Step 1

  1. Click here to enter the event location.
  2.  Click the links to set the date, door and show times of the event.
  3.  Here you can change the background color for your promo page, upload a background image, or enter your own CSS style.
  4.  Here you can upload an event video. 
  5.  Enter the Title of your event. Type or paste a description of your event.  This may include details about you event or the performing acts or links to videos or websites.  You can use the editing tools to format your description.
  6.  Browse the files on your computer, then click UPLOAD to enter an image or flyer for your event.

Once you've entered this information, you can preview your event page by clicking the PREVIEW link in the right corner of the screen.

Step 2

  1. Choose what type of pricing model to use for your tickets.
  2.  Set different tickets prices and include promo codes.
  3.  Decide how your customers will receive their tickets; either print-at-home or check in at will call.  (Not sure which will work best for you? Print-at-Home vs. Will Call)
  4.  Set the mode for selling your tickets.

Step 3

  1. A tag such as Concert, Festival, Food & Beverage, etc. is required before tickets can go on sale.  These tags help Prekindle to promote your event to the best audience.
  2.  Enter any performers for your event.  This will help your event reach potential customers that follow those performers.
  3.  You can schedule your tickets sales to go live and turn off at a time that you choose.
  4.  Set age restrictions here.

Step 4 (Finish)

  1. If you are ready to put tickets on sale for your event, click the PUBLISH button.
  2.  Click ORDER to go to the printing tool to order physical tickets for your event.
  3.  The CREATE button will allow you to create a template of the event you have just created.

If you have any trouble creating your event, contact clients@prekindle.com.