Initial Setup

If you need to setup your printer and software, you can do so first using these guides.

If you have everything set up and are still having problems, the following tips can help get your printer up and running.

USB Cable Connections

Make sure all cables are connected to the right connections.  Many printers have both an ethernet & USB plug.  Make sure your USB cable is connected the the USB port on the back of the printer.  They look very similar, so it is a common mistake.


IMPORTANT - some USB ports on your computer may not work.  Often problems can be solved by trying a different port on your PC as well.  If you hear a positive audio alert from Windows when you plug in a printer the first time, chances are this USB port is working.

Print Location Settings

Make sure the printer location is entered exactly the same in both locations.  This is how requests to print are matched to the computer running the printer.  You can initiate a print job from any computer as long as the location is set the same.  If you recently cleared your cookies, or are using a new browser, you will need to set the location in the Box Office settings again.

Box Office Sales vs. Printing Bulk Tickets

Box office operators can print any tickets that have been purchased by a customer.  However, in order to print bulk-tickets for your event, the member must have the printing privilege added to their account.  You can do this on the Members & Roles section of your account Preferences.  Just find the user, and add the printing privilege, then click SAVE.

Ticket Stock Loading

If your printer is displaying the message Paper Out!, you have not yet fed the ticket stock successfully.  Check out the page Setting Up Printing Hardware for help loading your ticket stock.


I've followed these directions and it still won't print

If you see activity in your print server window, that means everything is configured correctly, but Windows is failing to deliver the print job to the printer.  As a last resort, it sometimes helps to open the Windows control panel to remove & re-add the printer.  Follow these following steps on Windows 10.

Click start, and type control panel, then choose the control panel option in the start menu.


Locate the Hardware & Sound section, and click to View devices and printers


Locate the Boca printer in the list of Printers. Right-click and choose Remove device



Make sure your Boca printer is connected to a USB port on your computer, and turn it back on.  Windows will auto-detect the printer.  If it does not auto-detect the printer, try each USB port on your computer.