Please note: You must be using a PC to print tickets, as a Mac will not be able to run the Prekindle print server.  

  • You will also need to install the current version of Java 8 to run the print server.  Java 8 software can be downloaded for free here: []

  1. Click the Box Office tab on the left side navigation panel. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Download the Prekindle Print Server by clicking the Download button. Once downloaded, drag the Prekindle Print Server to your computer desktop.
  3. If using a computer running Windows 10, skip to step 4. If using a computer running an OS older than Windows 10, please contact for further assistance before continuing set up.
  4. Give your print location a name (example: VenueNameBoxOffice), and click Set. If using the Lemur-C printer, add -200 to the print location name and click SET (example: VenueNameBoxOffice-200).
  5. Make sure the printer has power and it is connected to the computer. (If you still need to install your printer hardware, see Setting Up Printing Hardware before moving on.) Open the Prekindle Print Server by double clicking the icon on your desktop [See step 2] and type the location name that you entered on the dashboard, and click SET. When the small circle on the lower right-hand corner is green, you should be ready to print. 

The Prekindle print Server needs to remain open and running whenever you are printing. Important note: the print server should only remain open on the computer connected directly to the printer.



If you have trouble setting up your printing software, contact clients@prekindle.c