Necessary hardware:

A) PC with USB capabilities and internet access

B) 2” x 5.5” Prekindle ticket stock

C) Boca power cord

D) USB Standard A to Standard B cable

E) Boca Lemur or Lemur-C printer 

Provided Printers

Prekindle offers 2 printers for rental - Boca Lemur, and Boca Lemur-C. Set up for both printers will be almost completely the same. Use the images below to distinguish which printer you have been sent. 

Powering up your Boca printer

1) Make sure your PC is turned on and connected to the internet.  

2) Connect the power cord to the Boca printer and plug it into a power source.

3) Connect the Boca printer to your computer via the USB cord.  Make sure the USB is connected to the correct port on the Boca printer.  If you are looking at the back of the Boca Lemur printer, use the port that is immediately to the right of the power cord. This port is immediately underneath the power cord on the Boca Lemur-C printer. Both printers are shown below for reference. 

4) Turn on the Boca printer. 

5) Make sure the Prekindle print server is running.  If you don’t see a green light in the lower right corner, check that the correct printer has been selected from the list of printers at the top of the print server window, and that name of the printer corresponds with the name that is in your box office settings (See Steps 4 & 5 of Setting Up Printing Software). 

6) Load ticket stock into the Boca printer by guiding the “stub” end of the ticket stock first, and the blank face of the ticket facing up.  Make sure the cords do not interfere with the stack of ticket stock. 

If looking at the back of the Boca Lemur printer, ticket stock should be entered to the right, under the silver guide.

If looking at the back of the Boca Lemur-C printer, ticket stock should be entered to the left, under the silver guide.

If your ticket stock has been loaded correctly, it should feed into the printer like this: 

You are now ready to try Printing a Test Ticket