From the Attendees tab in your Box office tools, you can search for a name on the will call list, check in customers as they show up for your event, download your will call list, print your will call list, or makes notes about any of the attendees for your event.

The Box Office dashboard will automatically choose the next event on your calendar. To change this, click the Change button.

  1. In the Search mode, you can type a few characters of the customer's name, email address, barcode, or confirmation code to pull up their purchase.
  2. Click the Admit button to mark an attendee as 'admitted' to your event.  If they have been marked "admitted' by mistake, click the Undo button to reactivate their ticket. The Attendance numbers near the top of the page will change in real time as customers and guests are admitted to the event.

Will Call Tab -Search Mode - Numbered.PNG

The ALPHABETICAL mode will allow you to see all names on the will call list by clicking the ALL button, or you can narrow the list by the first letter of the last name.

Will Call tab - Alphabetical Mode - Starred.PNG

The EXPORT mode will allow you to download your will call list as a CSV or Excel file. 

  1. Choose what type of export you would like and then click the FILTER button to select which ticket sections and prices are downloaded. Attendee information can be exported by ticket or purchase. 
    • Export All Tickets - Export a spreadsheet with one row per ticket.
    • Export Purchases - Export a spreadsheet with one row per customer. Ticket types will not be represented.
  2. Check the boxes of the ticket types that you would like included in your downloaded file.
  3. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the CSV or Excel file to your computer

Will Call tab - Export Mode - Numbered.PNG

The PRINT button will automatically open a printable version of your will call list in a new tab.  Any attendees that have already been marked as 'admitted' will already have an 'x' next to their name. Anyone who paid extra to have a printed ticket mailed to them will have a ticket icon next to their name.  Any notes recorded under the  NOTES tab will appear at the end of the printed will call list.

Printable Will Call List.PNG

The NOTES tab will allow you to make any special notes for the will call list.  These notes will be printed at the end of the will call list under Special Instructions when you use the PRINT button. 

Will Call tab - Notes.PNG

If you have trouble accessing attendee information, contact