The Search tool on your Box Office tab will allow you to look up the details of a customer's purchase. There are also many functions that can be performed in this tab.  Here is a breakdown of what the different buttons do for a purchase that is pulled up.

  1. Search for a purchase by entering the customer's first or last name, the email address used for the purchase, the confirmation code, the bar code from the printed ticket, or note used on the guest list entry.
  2.  If you would like to search the entire customer database, uncheck this box.  If you would like to search ONLY the event that is focused, leave this box checked.
  3.  The Show All button will list all purchases for the focused event. (Clicking this button will disregard anything typed into the search field.)
  4.  Click the Select button next to the entry that would like to open.
  5.  The Redeem All button will allow you to check in all tickets for this purchase as "Admitted" on the will call list.
  6.  The Print All button will allow you to print these tickets if you have a Boca printer hooked up to your system.
  7.  The Download button will open the digital download link(s) for each ticket on the order.
  8. The Resend Receipt button will allow you to send a copy of the emailed receipt to the customer.
  9.  The Transfer tab will allow you to transfer the tickets in this purchase to another section, or another event you are organizing.  Keep in mind that this will not charge the customer, it will only transfer the tickets.
  10.  The Notifications tab will open the notification tools for the selected order.
  11. Here, you can change the will call name on an individual ticket and click Update.
  12. Redeem will mark and individual ticket as "Admitted" on the will call list, Reactivate will undo this action, and make the ticket available for admission. Please note that these buttons will affect the Attendance numbers at the top of the dashboard.
  13.  the Print button will print a single ticket.
  14.  The REFUND tab will open the refund tools if you have Admin or Manager access for the account.  Please see How to Refund a Purchase.

Box Office - Purchases Tab - Numbered.PNG

Focus on a different event

When you click the Box Office tab to open the box office tools, you are automatically focused on the next event on your calendar. 

If you need to use the tools for a different event, click on the Change button under the Attendance bar.

Change Focused Event Button - Starred.PNG


Once you click Change, your calendar will open up.  Click the date of the show that you would like to focus on, and click Focus.  Now you can use the Box Office tools for the event that is focused.

Focus on Selected Event - Starred.PNG