Selling walkup tickets at your box-office is simple.

Start by logging into Prekindle.  If you are user role is configured as Box Office, you will automatically sent to the box-office tools.  (see below)

(Admin users only) 

You can launch the box-office tools from the main navigation panel, or from a specific event listed on the dashboard.  Look for your event, and click the box-office icon.  (see below)

If you need to change to a different event, click the Change button and choose a different date from the calendar.  You can see which event you are focused on in the upper Attendence bar.  (see below)

Click Sell tickets.  If no walk-up prices have been defined, you can copy the online prices by clicking the Create button.  (see below)  If you need to further customize the walkup pricing for this event:

If you have walkup prices defined, you will see them as options to sell.  Simply add them to the cart by clicking the + button, and remove them with the (-) button on each ticket type. (see below)

Click next.  On this step, you can collect customer information to send an email receipt.  This step is optional.  Click next again if you do not need to email a receipt & tickets to the customer.  (see below)

The final step asks you to choose the payment method.  There are four options for payment:

  1. Swipe a credit card (Prekindle credit card swiper requied)
  2. Enter a credit card manually.
  3. Cash
  4. Check

Make your choice and follow the instructions on screen to process the payment.  You are done!

See below for each payment option.

If you have any questions, ask your manager or send a message to your client rep at