Delegating a guest list will give someone the option to add guests to a specific guest list for your event.  To delegate a guest list for your event, you must be logged into your Prekindle dashboard. 

Make sure you are viewing your account dashboard by clicking the Dashboard tab on the left side navigation panel.

  1. Click on the event to open the tools, then click the GUESTS tab.
  2. Click the DELEGATE button on the guest list that you would like to delegate.  (See Create additional guest list(s) if you need to add a new list)
  3. Enter the number of guest list spots that you would like this person to be able to manage, and the ticket type (GA, VIP, etc.) for these guest tickets. Click the SUBMIT button to create the tickets.
  4. Enter the name, email address, and message for the person that will be managing these guest list tickets. Click the ASSIGN button. This will send an email to the guest list manager you have just assigned with instructions on how to enter the names and send confirmation emails for the guests. 

If you have trouble delegating a guest list, contact