Groupon will not provide you with the email addresses of your purchasers, so that makes delivering tickets in advance difficult.  We recommend the simple approach below.

Simple Approach

Inform your entry team to expect customers with Groupon receipts.  Provide them the means necessary for validating your Groupon purchases.  Groupon can provide a will-call list if you shut of sales in advance, or you can use their website to verify Groupon confirmation codes.

Redemption Codes

This option requires much more set up, but you can provide your Groupon customers with redemption codes that can be redeemed for tickets through your Prekindle event page.  This must be set up before Groupon sales are activated.  If you do not give your Groupon representative the redemption codes in advance, you will have to rely on the Simple Approach above.

  •  Create a new section called Groupon
  •  Ensure the max purchase quantity for this section is 1 ticket
  •  Add a zero-dollar price, and keep it PAUSED (offline)
  • Create a batch of Bulk Promo Codes to match the number of tickets you plan on selling on Groupon
    •  Attach the bulk promo codes to the Groupon section/price you created above
    •  Ensure these codes are set to "1" use per code
  •  Send your Groupon representative the codes created above to be distributed to Groupon purchasers
  •  Your Groupon purchasers can use the code(s) they are given by Groupon to redeem tickets.
  •  Repeat for each ticket type you decide to sell on Groupon. (We recommend selling your most inexpensive ticket type on Groupon)

For Reserved Events

You cannot assign Groupon customers directly to seats so the following process is required.

  •  Mark a block of seats HELD so they cannot be sold online
  •  These seats will be first-come first-serve for your Groupon customers
  •  Make sure to mark them on-site so your Groupon customers can find their section
  •  Use the Redemption Code process above with a general admission section just for Groupon