A Prekindle representative will reach out to you shortly to approve your account.  To speed up the process, please provide as much detail as possible on your account Preferences set up.  You can find this by logging in and clicking the Preferences tab.

If you are seeing the following message, provide as much info as possible as described below to speed up the approval process:

A Prekindle representative will approve sales to begin shortly. This is a one-time step for new accounts. You can edit and publish your events in the mean time.

For fast approval

  •  Provide your company name that matches public records
  •  Provide your phone number that is verifiable online to match your business
  •  Provide your business address that is verifiable online
  •  Include your company website url
  •  Include your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  •  Schedule a call with your Prekindle representative by sending an email to clients@prekindle.com when the above is finished

If you are seeing the following message, you must continue to fill in your account preferences.

Complete your account setup by addressing all sections below marked with the icon. Some items may require Admin level access to view & modify.