Custom message posts can be made directly to the Event Feed. Customers will have the option to opt out of receiving notifications for any non-urgent posts made to the feed, which includes Custom messages, Thank You messages, and Know Before You Go posts.

Even if the customer has opted out of receiving post notifications, all up-to-date information in the Event Feed is always available to the customer via the link provided in their original confirmation receipt. 

To make a Custom Message post, click the SELECT button under Custom Message on the Event Feed Tools. This will open the post editing tools. 

A new window will open allowing you to edit the custom message.

  1. Schedule your message to either post immediately when you are finished building it, or schedule a time in the future to automatically post the message. 
  2. Add a title to your message
  3. Include an image to upload if necessary by selecting Choose an image and browsing your computer for the image to upload
  4. Fill the content box with the message you'd like to include
  5. Designate the author; Staff is automatically chosen, but you can change it to whichever dropdown option best fits the message (You (first name), Staff, Event Staff, Festival Staff, System, Organizer Name)
  6. Determine who you'd like this message to be delivered to.  Select All tickets, Choose by section, or Choose by pricing to customize the audience for the custom message. For example, if a message only needs to be delivered to the VIP ticket holders, you would select Choose by section and only select the VIP ticket section.
  7. Click POST when you are finished building and automating the message.  You can also Cancel, Move to Trash, or Save as Draft

Customers who have opted in to receive post notifications for the Event Feed will receive an email that links directly back to the Feed.  See an example of a Custom Message from the customer's point of view below.


The custom post created in the steps above will be visible to the customer on the Event Feed - News tab, accessible via the link in their confirmation receipt.

If you are having trouble setting up a custom message, contact