Adding additional ticket sections to your event will allow you to have multiple sections with their own capacities. Adding additional ticket prices within a section will allow you to offer multiple types of tickets that are taken from the same capacity.  Each ticket price can have its own description and promo code(s). To add a ticket section or price, make sure you are viewing your account dashboard by clicking the Dashboard tab on the left side navigation panel.

To add a Ticket Section:

  1. Click the event to open up the tools, then click the SALES tab.
  2. Under the TICKETS tab, click the ADD SECTION button.
  3. Enter the name of the section, the capacity for the section, and the maximum number of tickets that you would like to allow per purchase.
  4. Click SAVE when you have finished.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must add a ticket price and publish both the section and the price for this ticket to be available to the public for purchase. 

To add a ticket price within a section:

  1. Click the event to open up the tools, then click the SALES tab.
  2. Within the desired ticket section, click the ADD PRICE button.
  3. Enter the name of the ticket and the price per ticket. Use the drop-down menu to choose if this ticket will be available online, as a walk-up purchase, or through an outlet.
  4. Click SAVE to add the ticket.

PLEASE NOTE:  This ticket will not be available to the public until you have published both the section and the price. 

To edit ticket price and details: 

  1. Click the EDIT button next to the price to open the ticket editing screen.
  2. Edit this field to change the name of the ticket.
  3. Use the drop down menu here to change from standard pricing to flat pricing.
  4. Here you can edit the price and add any additional fees that you want to include in the ticket price.
  5. This section will give you a breakdown of the price and fees for this ticket.  It will update automatically as you make changes to the price or fees.
  6. Here tickets can be bundled into batches for group or multi-ticket purchases. The Minimum Quantity field should be set to the minimum number of tickets a customer must buy to receive the set price per ticket. Edit the Sold in Batches Of field to designate how many tickets a customer can purchase at one time at this price.  For example, a bundle with a minimum quantity of 5, sold in batches of 1, would allow the customer to purchase tickets at the set price per ticket as long as they purchased at least 5 tickets and allows an increase of 1 ticket at a time until the designated purchase quantity is reached.
  7. Add a description for the ticket here.  This is helpful if you have a ticket that includes additional amenities such as merchandise, parking credentials, or a meet and greet with a performer.  You can use HTML tags in this field. When you are done making changes, click SAVE

If you have trouble adding or editing a ticket section or price, contact