Make sure you are viewing your account dashboard by clicking the Dashboard tab on the left side navigation panel. 

To print a will-call list

  1. Click on the event to expand it, and click the ATTENDEES tab.
  2. Click on the PRINT button to open a PDF of the will call/attendees list, which you can send to your printer. 

To export a spreadsheet format

  1. Choose what type of export you would like and then click the FILTER button to select which ticket sections and prices are downloaded. Attendee information can be exported by ticket or purchase. 
    • Export All Tickets - Export a spreadsheet with one row per ticket.
    • Export Purchases - Export a spreadsheet with one row per customer. Ticket types will not be represented.
  2. Check the boxes of the ticket types that you would like included in your downloaded file.
  3. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the CSV or Excel file to your computer

If you have trouble downloading or printing your Will Call list, contact