Prekindle's Event Entry App for iOS devices scans bar coded tickets for admissions into your event.  It is available in Apple's App Store.  The current released version is v1.11.1

Installing Event Entry App

  1.  Open the built-in App Store app on your iOS device
  2.  Search for "Prekindle Event Entry"
  3.  From the search results, tap the "GET" button, or the "Download from Cloud" icon if you already have the App installed on another device.
  4.  Wait while the App downloads and installs
  5.  Tap the "OPEN" button when it appears to launch Event Entry.

Confirming Your App Version

  1.  Launch the Event Entry App
  2.  The App's version number and build number are at the bottom of the Login screen
  3.  The current release is v1.11.1.  
    •  If your number does not match, or also if your App does not display its version number here, then the App is out of date.
    •  If your App is out of date, simply delete the App and reinstall it from the App Store as above.

Determine If Test Version

  1.  If your App's icon has an orange dot to the left of its name on the home screen, you have a test version that may be out of date. Unless instructed by Prekindle Client Support, you should delete this version of the App and reinstall it from the App Store, as above.