Helpful Tips and Tricks for using the Prekindle Event Entry app and scanners:

When in camera mode the ticket will scan in any direction, sideways, upside down, etc.

There are two red screens: ALREADY ADMITTED and UNRECOGNIZED TICKET. If you get an unrecognized ticket check the date, they may have printed their tickets from last year. If the tickets are current, have them check in at Will Call, but keep in mind it is possible their tickets could be fake.

Invalid tickets will display a Red screen:

When tickets scanning off of a cell phone, hold the scanner close, let it come into focus then pull away from the cell phone displaying the ticket. This will allow the camera to focus better and scan the ticket.

If someone tries to present their ticket on their phone, but is really showing you a receipt, you can just click the download button in their confirmation email, and their tickets will download with a barcode to scan. We recommend having them step to the side while it downloads and this can take anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 minutes depending on their phone and cell service. Please see the image below for where to download the tickets.

Network Connection Error: If you receive a Network Error, be sure to check your connection status. Typically, this happens when a scanner cannot connect to an active WiFi network. Make sure the scanner/device is not in Airplane Mode and is connected to a WiFi connection.