For ease of entry at your event, Prekindle offers scanner rentals as available. Prekindle offers two types of scanners: InfineaX Laser scanners, and Mophie scanners. For scanner rental quotes and availability information, please contact

To use the InfineaX Laser scanner provided by Prekindle, follow the steps below:

1) The InfineaX Laser scanners are laid out as displayed in the images below. 

These are Class 2 lasers and cannot be pointed into the sky per FAA regulations, OR into anyone's eyes as they will cause damage. Please keep lasers pointed down.



2) Locate the Prekindle Event Entry app on the scanner home screen. 


3) Enter your Prekindle user login and password and click LOG ON to access your events.


4) The app will load all of your events entered in the Prekindle system. Select the event you wish to scan tickets for from the list.


5) Your event must load before you can scan tickets for entry (A). Once loaded, it will be displayed that you are ready to scan (B). Larger events will take longer to load. You must also have cell phone service or WiFi to load event data.







6) When using the InfineaX scanner to scan tickets, use the laser mode to scan printed/paper tickets. This mode uses less battery power but cannot scan off of phones.

The laser will not work in camera mode; if you are having problems getting it to turn on please check the mode first.


7) When a ticket is scanned, the screen will change color to indicate if the ticket is valid.     

Valid tickets will display a Green or Blue screen:      




Invalid tickets will display a Red screen:





8) At this point, you are ready to scan, or you may turn on Guided Access to prevent scanner operators from leaving the selected event or app. Continue on to step 9 for Guided Access instructions.

For each of your events, you can view a Day-Of Metrics page with real time tracking of sales, scans, and attendance.

Guided Access
9) Once in the event and ready to scan, triple-click the Home button on the scanner. The Guided Access activation screen will appear. Activate Guided Access, click START in the top right corner.


At this point, you may be asked to enter a passcode. The code is all 0’s. In this mode, you can still put the device to sleep but you will not be able to power the phone off or leave and select another event.

To power off the scanner, you must disable Guided Access by triple-clicking the home button and selecting END in the top left corner.


Battery Information

At 10-15% of battery life remaining you need to change the battery. It is important not to let the phone die.

When using the InfineaX Laser scanner, it is important to note that the laser battery will recharge the scanner battery until the laser charge becomes too low (typically once it reaches 40% or lower).

Each scanner has a battery check app that will let you know how much charge is left in the laser battery. To check the status of the laser battery, follow the steps below:

1) The InfineaX scanner will have one of the following 2 battery check apps pre-installed, ICPSupport or Library Demo. Open whichever app is loaded on the scanner; either app will display the charge left on the laser battery.



2) When using the Library Demo app to check the battery charge, please note that the initial screen displayed once the first time the app is opened will say "Device not connected!" (A). You will need to allow the app to load before the charge will be displayed (B). Once the app has loaded, you can click the Battery icon displayed in the top right corner for the full charge information (C).













When using the IPCSupport app to check the battery charge, the charge will be displayed on the screen once the app is open:



At 10-15% of battery life remaining you need to change the battery.

  • To change the battery flip over the scanner, on the back, there is a silver lever slide it all the way up. These can be hard to move, we recommend using a fingernail just slightly underneath to help it move. Once the lever is clear of the battery, it will pop out so you can slide another in and push the lever back down ¾ of the way.