For quickest entry, Prekindle offers an iOS ticket scanner app that can be downloaded onto any Apple OS device. Use this app at your gates for quickest entry and most up-to-date attendance metrics.

To use the Prekindle Event Entry app on your own Apple OS device, follow the steps below:

1) Open the App Store and search for "Prekindle Event Entry" and click GET to download the app. If you have previously downloaded the entry app, you will see a cloud icon instead of the GET button, click the cloud icon to download the app to the current device.

2) Once downloaded, locate the app on your iOS device and click the icon to open.

  • ScannerApp1.png

3) Enter your Prekindle user login and password and click LOG ON to access your events.


4) The app will load all of your events entered in the Prekindle system. Select the event you wish to scan tickets for from the list.


5) Your event must load before you can scan tickets for entry (A). Once loaded, it will be displayed that you are ready to scan (B). Larger events will take longer to load. You must also have cell phone service or WiFi to load event data.

  • A

  • B

6) When using an iPhone or iPod Touch to access the app, use the camera mode to scan tickets. This will use more battery power but is the most flexible for scanning.


7) When a ticket is scanned, the screen will change color to indicate if the ticket is valid.

  • Valid tickets will display a Green or Blue screen:
    ScanValidGA.png ScanGuest.pngInvalid tickets will display a Red screen:
    ScanAlreadyAdmitted.png ScanUnrecognized.png

8) At this point, you are ready to scan, or you may turn on Guided Access to prevent scanner operators from leaving the selected event or app. Continue on to step 9 for Guided Access instructions.

For each of your events, you can view a Day-Of Metrics page with real time tracking of sales, scans, and attendance.

9) To turn on the Guided Access setting on your iPhone, you must first go to the Accessibility settings under General on your iPhone. You can also access the Guided Access feature by searching for Guided Access in the settings search bar (A). Once in the Guided Access settings, turn Guided Access on by sliding the button until it shows green (B).

  • A

  • B

10) Once enabled in your phone settings, you will need to turn Guided Access on in the app. Start with opening the Prekindle Event Entry app and following steps 1 thru 6 to load the desired event.

Once in the event and ready to scan, triple-click the Home' button on the iPhone.

In Guided Access, circle the areas on the screen you would like disabled. For ease of entry, it is best to disable the Back and Manual buttons as shown in the image below.

Once these areas are disabled, click Options to open the options menu. Here you should enable the Sleep/Wake button, Volume buttons, and Touch by sliding each button until it shows green. Motion and Keyboard settings are optional, however, the Time Limit setting should be turned off.

  • GuidedAccess3.png
  • Options menu

Once these areas are circled and the options set, click START to activate Guided Access mode.

At this point, you may be asked to enter a passcode. The code is all 0’s. In this mode, you can still put the device to sleep but you will not be able to power the phone off or leave and select another event.

To power off the phone, you must disable Guided Access by triple clicking the home button and selecting END in the top left corner.


Prekindle also offers scanner rentals as available. Prekindle offers two types of scanners: InfineaX Laser scanners, and Mophie scanners. For scanner rental quotes and availability information, please contact