The Tickets tool under the Reports tab on your navigation panel will allow you to find out information about the tickets sold for your events. 

  1.  When you use the Tickets tool, you can choose to see all your ticket information, or select a specific time span using the Filter near the top of the page.
  2. You can refine your search even further by editing the Default tickets, Events, Customers, and Venue parameters.

For instance, if you would like to include information about Guest List tickets:

  1. Click the EDIT button next to Default Tickets.
  2. Click the checkbox next to Guest.
  3. Click the SAVE or REFRESH button. This will generate reports about your tickets sales and guest list.

Reports - Include Guest List tickets - Numbered.PNG

You can also change the Event parameters to generate reports about a specific event or performer:

  1. Click the EDIT button next to All Events.
  2. Click the button next to Title Contains to generate reports based on a search of words in your event titles OR
  3. Click the button next to Custom List to select events that you would like included in your report. Enter a portion of the title or a performer's name to search your events.
  4. Click SELECT to add an event to your custom list or click REMOVE to remove an event from your custom list.
  5. Click SAVE to generate the report when you have added the desired events to the list.
  6. Click the CLEAR SEARCH button to begin searching for new events.

Reports - Creating Custom List - Numbered.PNG

If you have trouble creating the report you need, contact