Each event that you build on your Prekindle Dashboard has an Event Feed tool.  You can use the Event Feed to provide customers with helpful event information and to communicate important updates quickly, or to schedule posts to be sent before or after the event.  

With the Event Feed, you can:

Communicate information to ticket holders

  •  Announce fun changes or updates (lineup additions, vendors, etc.)
  •  Announce important changes (delays, schedule updates, cancellation)
  •  Advertise on-site services such as food & beverage
  •  Mention your sponsors
  •  Optionally say thank you for attending after the event
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Automatically remind customers about their event as it approaches with the "Know Before You Go" message

  •  Improve on-site execution by educating your ticket holders in advance
  •  Any special information you have defined will be included
  •  Include parking information, maps, etc.
  •  Boiler-plate entry information is included
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Define messages to automatically send to different types of ticket holders

  •  Each ticket type can have unique information attached
  •  Customers will automatically receive this information when buying tickets
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To view the Event Feed, you will need to be logged into your Prekindle account.

  1. Click the Dashboard tab on the left side navigation panel.
  2. Click the megaphone icon on the event summary bar. Event Feed will open in a new window.

Explore the Event Feed Tools here!