Switching from Prekindle's processing to your own Stripe account is available, but may require coordination with your account representative. If you have not created any events, you can make the switch yourself from your account preferences.

I have not created any events yet

I have active events and need to switch now

Prekindle will no longer cover your credit card processing fees.  You may want to consider increasing your own additional fees on future events to maintain the same amount of per/ticket income.  If you are based in Texas, we will no longer be covering your state sales tax.  If you understand and are ready to make the switch, follow the steps below.
  •  Contact your client representative and let them know you are making the transition.
  •  Fill in the information here - Merchant Services Transition Form
  •  Prekindle will email you when the transition is complete (1-2 business day)

What to expect when your own merchant account is used for credit card processing

  •  Funds now come directly to you, on your merchant provider's schedule
  •  Your merchant provider will deduct their own fees, sometimes per batch, sometimes monthly
  •  We now charge you for our fees weekly
  •  We now charge you for Print & Mail fees weekly
  •  You now file your own Texas sales tax return and remit taxes collected to the State 
  •  Any outstanding balance held by paid by Prekindle on the original schedule.
  •  The pricings for all of your existing events has been modified, we recommend you review